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Quote1.png We can grow Krakoan habitats anywhere, Dad, and they all link back to the main island. So I figured, well... Why settle? Quote2.png

The Summer House was a Krakoan habitat located in the Blue Area of the Moon.[1][2]


Several months before publicly announcing the Nation of Krakoa, a Flower of Krakoa was planted on the edge of the Blue Area of the Moon.[1][2] This Habitat was named the Summer House, and acted as the primary residence for the extended Summers family and acted as a departure point for off-planet responses to threats.[2]

Points of Interest

Cyclops and Corsair on the observation deck

  • Cradle Three
  • Observation deck
  • Tactical ops room
  • Gymnasium
  • Central living area with kitchen and bedrooms
  • Hanger
    • Shi'ar Scouts
  • Sublunar pool and Krakoan gateway access


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