Universal Inhumans

According to Inhuman legend, millennia ago, the Universal Inhumans helped other races to colonize worlds, where they founded sanctuaries for them to settle peacefully and cities where they could thrive.[1]

Leviathon Mother

At some point, Great Beasts fell from the skies on such a place where Inhuman Centaurians and Kymellians lived among other species, with the purpose of razing and cleansing the surface for the arrival of their Queen, the Leviathon Mother, a monster awakening every few thousand years to destroy worlds and nest upon them.[1]

An Inhuman Centaurian warrior rose up, with the power of summoning monsters who fought against the Leviathon Tide, but was finally defeated and killed[1] by the Leviathon Mother's assassins.[2]


Millennia later, that story was known from Karnak of the Inhumans of Earth who had studied the darkest of Inhuman legends.[1]

It was prophetized that a young Inhuman would later arise to defeat the Leviathon Mother.[2]

The Leviathons started to attack Earth as well, and Terrigenesis granted Kei Kawade similar summoning powers, while the Leviathon Mother awakened.[1]


This warrior possessed the power of summoning monster from the far reaches of the universe by reaching out into the ether and drawing constellation in the air.[1]





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