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Information-silk.png Official Team Name
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Summoners of Arakko,[1] Summoners of Amenth[2]
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Formerly War
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350 Summoner Minors, 22 Summoner Adepts, 1 High Summoner
Information-silk.png Former Members
250 Summoner Minors, 8 Summoner Adepts, 2 High Summoners
Information-silk.png Origin
Group of mutant able to bind and summon various things
Information-silk.png Place of Formation
First appearance


The Summoners of Arakko and Amenth, are immortal nameless priests[1] of a religion devoted to an unknown god. The Summoners, as evident from the circular symbols on the front of their bodies, are separated in three classes: Summoner Minor who can summon a single host or minor daemon; Summoner Adept who can summon a small horde of minor daemons and major Elemental; and High Summoner who can summon a horde of Elementals and three major daemons.[2]


The Summoners have been around since the first war between Amenth and Okkara, allied with the mutants. A female Summoner was present at the negotiation between the Okkaran and Amenthi forces, and departed in Arakko to seal off the portal to Amenth and was seemingly on the side of the mutants.[3]

On the other side a number of Okkaran mutants were overwhelmed by the hellish energies of the planet and ran off resulting in their capture by Annihilataion who then forced these mutants to breed with her Daemons creating the hybrid sub-race known as the Vile Schools.[4] This was a secret project of the Summoners who formed another branch to seemingly serve Amenth, which they did for millenia.

During the hundreds of years of war the summoners of Arakko allegedly began to drop,[1] but with the secret branch serving Amenth they were actually at high strength.[2]

The High Summoner of Arrako, who had been born there was sent to find his grandfather Apocolypse[1] This spurred his grandmother Genesis to became one with Annihilation, conquering what she saw as a fallen Arakko in the name of Amenth, the Summoners became a prison guards of the Arakkii population's enemies.[4]

The High Summoner returned to Arrako through the External Gate his grandfather made for him.[2] He wounded his own guard who were sent Apocalypse to accompany him and returned to Krakoa for more assistance. He was able to bring his grandfather and his team of Krakoans to Otherworld where he was greeted by his family that had surrendered to Amenth and Annihilation and attacked Apocolypse and his team.[5]

During the war between Amenth and Krakoa in Otherworld, all of the Summoners were summoned at the Otherworld battlefield so they could help Annihilation in conquering Krakoa. However, they weren't enough and after Annihilation's defeat, the Summoners were left on Blightspoke where they yoke the survivors of dead realities making it easier for the Vescora to stripmine the place, all in the service of Saturnyne their new Mistress.[6]


Transportation: Interdimensional Travel[1]
Weapons: The High Summoner of Arakko wielded the blade known as Colony.[5]


  • The history of the Summoners is somewhat confused, especially since their High Summoner is a noted liar.[5]


  • The Summoners and the beings they summon seem to be based on the Cthulhu Mythos.

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