Sumner Samuel Beckwith was a geneticist working for the Pantheon who injected himself with an experimental super soldier serum which turned out to be defective. He transformed into a light-green semi-humanoid being seemingly composed of bog matter, and became the second Glob. It fled to the Florida Everglades, and menaced Rick Jones and battled the Hulk. It was apparently incinerated by the Man-Thing's touch


'Swamp Body: The Glob is a powerful creature made up of the swamp's environment. It has superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. The Glob's body is practically invulnerable to harm. Its body is not entirely solid, but composed of the muck, clay, water, mud and vegetative matter of the swamp. Physical blows, objects and various firearms would pass through his muddy exterior or harmlessly be lodged within his body. However, the Glob is vulnerable to fire, radioactive and electrical attacks. The Glob likes to smother his enemies with his own body until they die or lose consciousness. The Glob was given the ability to speak through a special mouthpiece device when he joined the Howling Commandos.

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