Sun Tao was one of the Sons of Yinsen. He led the group for most of its quest to resurrect Ho Yinsen. However, he realized something was wrong when 'Yinsen' was merged with the Sentient Armor. The other Sons turned against him. He was brainwashed and outfitted in a replica of the Sentient Armor, attacking Stark Industries. Iron Man battled the other Sons as Tao recovered. He then battled the other Sons, but was defeated. They planned to 'sacrifice' him as an outcast, but Iron Man returned. Ultron was revealed and defeated, but triggered a self-destruct mechanism. The other Sons refused to leave with Iron Man, saying this was their punishment. Sun Tao was briefly seen at Stark Industries; presumably he continues to work on preserving Yinsen's legacy and assisting Anthony Stark.


Martial arts. Sun Tao is especially proficient in using them in combination with his armor.

Strength level

85 tons while wearing the suit.


Armor roughly equal to Iron Man (Sentient Armor).

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