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Quote1.png From this day forth, I will fight for good and truth and peace and honesty-- and, uh... all that stuff! With the powers of Sun Wukong, I will bring honor to my country and peace to my city, for I am... the handsome Monkey King! Quote2.png
Monkey King (Sun Wukong)[src]


A crime lord self-styled himself as a modern day "Monkey King." He was tricked by a rival into attempting to steal the original's staff, the Ruyi Jingu Bang. In the cave he encountered the spirit of the original Monkey King who, impressed by his audacity, let him take the staff and at least some of the original's powers on the condition he would be judged. If good he would be allowed to go free, but if his heart was weighed down by evil he would be cast down into the Eighth City of Hell. Judged evil, he was cast down where he was trapped for years until one of the hammers of the Worthy created a hole that allowed many demons including himself to escape. Having seen the error of his ways, he dedicated himself to trying to atone for his past deeds and hunting down the other demons that escaped.[1]


This new Monkey King was next seen as a member of S.P.E.A.R.'s response team the Ascendants, as they engaged in a aerial battle against the Gorgon's sect of the Hand over the island nation of Madripoor.[2]

He was among the warriors, gods, and demigods Gilgamesh thought of to join Hercules' Gods of War against the new gods of the Uprising Storm.[3]

War of the Realms

During the war on Midgard, he helped the Agents of Atlas defeat the Sindr. When he got the chance, he jumped onto her back and stabbed her. She immediately burst into flames and seemingly killed him. All that was left of him was ash.[4]



Ruyi Jingu Bang, a magical staff that could grow or shrink to nearly any length or size.

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