According to historical accounts, the planet Sunev was a chunk of the planet Earth that broke free and found its own orbit near Earth's solar system. However, as the sun's light was blocked from the planet, it could not be seen by Earth astronomers. Its two dominant races are avian-humanoids the Birdmen and the Parrot-Men. The dominant language is English, which further suggests validity to the fact that Sunev has some connection to the planet Earth. It is possible that the Birdmen and the Parrot-Men could be an offshoot of an avian species such as the Bird People. However, any explanation is speculative at this time.

In the 1940's, Earth explorer Zephyr Jones and his friend Corky Grogan traveled in their rocket to Mars but were accidentally redirected to the planet Sunev, discovering the world. There, they aided the Birdmen in fighting off an invasion from the Parrot-Men and provide them with various forms of technology before leaving the planet.

While the Birdmen's King Bolo has extended an invitation for visitors from Earth to return to Sunev,[1] to date no other travels to the planet have been recorded.


Birdmen (King Bolo, Princess Tonka, General Roudo (deceased)), Parrot-Men


Given the limitations of mapping the universe circa the 1940's, it is easy to understand how Sunev might not have been discovered by Earth scientists. However, the fact that it was blocked by Earth's sun lends to question how the planet found its source of light. As the planet has not been identified since its initial discovery by Zephyr Jones, its possible Jones either accessed the planet by means of a natural warp gate or the planet's orbit has moved it out of viewing range from Earth telescopes that have since been invented.

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