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Sunflower was a member of The Harvesters, a super-team based in Kansas.

When a Zombie Hyperion began eating his way across the state, The Harvesters attempted to stop him and were ultimately defeated.

Sunflower did his part by attempting to take on Hyperion in a fist-fight, claiming that the more sunshine he was exposed to, the stronger he became, but Hyperion noticed that the same sunshine dried Sunflower out, and lit him on fire with his heat vision, killing him.

Powers and Abilities


Sunflower claimed to become stronger the longer he was exposed to direct sunlight. He may have had some level of invulnerability, since his plant form wasn't damaged much from a direct punch to the face by Hyperion.


  • Sunflower's general appearance seems to be male, but since the plant form doesn't show sexual organs, it's possible Sunflower is female.

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