Quote1 Logan, Sung Li is the direct descendant of that high priestess. She has a magical power bestowed on one child in one hundred generations. Are you listening, you hairy little man? She has the power to bring these ancient people back to life. Quote2
-- The Librarian src
Sung Li (Earth-7642) from Deathblow Wolverine Vol 1 1 001

As Sung Li

Sung Li was the descendant of a supernatural high priestess who used her powers to imprison the souls of her people in an urn. Developing powers herself, she became the curator of a mystical library. The library held all of the knowledge on Earth, but any one who goes inside becomes a faceless slave, helping maintain the library and its contents.[2]

Wanting to destroy the urn before the souls before they could be released, she sought out the superhero Wolverine. The she unintentionally fell in love with him and they moved in together in an apartment in San Francisco. She faked her kidnapping by ninjas and sent a letter to local metahuman Michael Cray, tricking him into helping Logan.[1]

One of her assistants met the two at her apartment and sent them to her library. In he Librarian identity, she told them of her ancestor's story and her hidden powers. She gave Logan a talisman that could destroy the urn where to find it before sending them back. After they succeeded, Sung emerged from the back room. After returning home, Logan saw Sung putting away the Librarian suit. Realizing she was using him the entire time, he left her and San Francisco despite her claims that she did loved him.[2]

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