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Quote1 This -- is the game-changer. Light is really a rather complex thing. Waves and particles. An entire spectrum -- Well, I won't bore you with a science lesson. Let's just say it can be bent. Oh, the tech boys put in overtime on this one. A compact electronic device. It emits a field which bends a narrow part of the sunlight spectrum -- the harmful part -- around the vampire wearing it. Quote2
-- Xarus src


These pendants were created by the Mystikos Sect of vampires for Xarus, enabling vampires to walk in daylight and begin an attempted takeover of the world. While he gave them to his loyalists, Janus Tepes was given one of them by Alyssa of the Siren Sect to enable him to escape his execution-by-sunlight in case Xarus' coup against Dracula's old guard of vampires was not the right way to operate. The pendant seems to be capable of use even if touching through some layers of clothing, but lose effectiveness if not in contact at all.[1] The pendant itself was approximately the size of a hubcap.[2]

The pendants were capable of being destroyed with a single gunshot, as demonstrated by Deadpool.[3] Furthermore, as they were metallic, the pendants could be taken away with a sufficiently strong magnet.[4]

After joining Xarus' vampires, Jubilee took to wearing one of the pendants at all times, until his fall to the resurrected Dracula.[5] She kept a lightbender with her, with some limitations, forcing her to be in the shade at times,[6] and wore it in its pendant form after rejoining the X-Men[7] until it was torn off, breaking its chain, by an Emplate-possessed Monet St. Croix in an attempt to kill her with sunlight.[8]

Even after the fall of Xarus, vampires continued to wear the amulets in a variety of sects.[9] These included the Forgiven led by Raizo Kodo, who regularly fought others of their kind.[10]

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