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Quote1.png You know what Sunset Bain's greatest idea was, kitty? The persona that made her rich. The villainess who struck fear into Avengers and Machine Men alike. That's who I am...Madame Menace. Quote2.png
Madame Menace[src]


When Sunset Bain learned from Arno Stark that he had found a way to create artificial bodies, and had used that technology to remove his congenital illness, and it had brought his brother Tony and Tony's friend Rhodey back from the dead, Sunset asked Arno to use the technology to rid her of a scar she had received from Ultron.[1] Arno instead created an A.I. duplicate of Sunset and kept the original in stasis with the duplicate having no idea that she was a copy.[2]

Sunset Bain (Duplicate) (Earth-616) from Iron Man 2020 Vol 2 1 002.jpg

Using the duplicate Sunset to replace the original Sunset, Arno and she merged Sunset's company Baintronic, Inc. with Stark Unlimited after he had taken control of Stark Unlimited from Tony.[3]

When the duplicate learned from Arno that he planned to end the conflict between robots and humans by taking control of humans, the duplicate objected. That was when Arno revealed to her that she was an A.I. copy of Sunset and showed her the original Sunset in stasis, which horrified the duplicate.[2]

After Arno left for the Stark Space Station to initiate his plan to take over humanity, the duplicate decided that she was no longer Sunset Bain but her persona Madame Menace, and since Menace didn't tolerate competition, she killed the original Sunset Bain. Her pet cat Doctor Shapiro then messed with the master controls as he was a mole who had been feeding inside intel to the A.I. Army. Shapiro's actions allowed the A.I. Army and their allies to storm Stark Unlimited HQ. Jocasta then subdued the duplicate by uploading into her the same obedience program she used on her.[4]

After Arno's scheme to take control of humankind was foiled, Bain was made by Jocasta to take all the blame criminally for the A.I. Army's and Arno Stark's actions.[5]

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Seemingly those of the Sunset Bain of Earth-616.

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