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A biological engineering refit project in which individuals are transformed into a largely organic iteration of the titular mimetic automaton.[2] Described by Professor Rappaccini as the ultimate means of defense bio-weaponization, bestowing the capacity to copy and acclimate the superhuman capacity and or adept skill set of both organic and non-biological individuals onto their personal being.[1] Recombinating all of their powers, faculties, paraphernalia and psychological imprints onto the surgically enhanced, mainly through making tactile contact with the original meta recipient.[3] Powers from which are then downloaded into the augmented host via Biological-Neural-Network-Memory Load which allows for the body to store and retain multiple ability templates at once.[4]



While the project was in it's earliest stages, rogue assets within S.H.I.E.L.D would approach the enhancile projects first recipient; Agent Belova.

Said spooks had approached the crippled and hideously burned Black Widow with an opportunity for a quick recovery and expedient revenge on the New Avengers after a disastrous mission in the Savage Land.[2] He would reveal his ties to A.I.M. by introducing the waiting test subject to his Beekeeper associates in-charge of the project. After Ms. Belova had agreed to undertaking the conversion process, the seditious sect immediately set about to working on her bodily refit.

Widow would set out attacking the Avengers at their new headquarters in New York City. Rapidly assimilating the powers of a host of different heroes amongst the Avengers team, her defeat would come when The Sentry kicked up her void infection due to having assimilated his powers.[4]

Before she could speak of how she received her upgrade however. Her handlers whom had given her such power flipped a killswitch, reducing Belova to goop.

Another willing beneficiary in the form of the recently deposed and incarcerated Norman Osborn would approach H.A.M.M.E.R's partner in Advanced Idea Mechanics technician; Monica Rappaccini, in gaining the might & menace that would get under the skin of even veterans amongst the Avengers.[1] She would direct him to a special procedure that would allow him to do just that. Transforming him into a full organic variant of a neurocytoma transtomitor who can successively gain the powers of any enhanced biotic individual via touch.

But warned that such facilities come at a price, as absorbing too many powers of differing or opposing functionality may cause an internal meltdown due to their conflicting nature.[1]

Not long after the process Osborn went about systematically attacking the Avengers and their various institutions with help from his personal anti-villain sect; The Dark Avengers backed by the H.A.M.M.E.R organization in league with both A.I.M, The Hand as well as Hydra.[5]

Using these triggered incidents to instigate a world wide smear campaign to turn public favor against his adversaries and towards himself.[6]

All the while also garnering greater power for himself while presenting himself at the various zones which his faux hero teams launched to intercept their more altruistic counterparts in order to steal their powers & abilities before meeting them all at final pitched battle within a decimated A.I.M base.[7][8]

Osborn would put up a final fight against the Avengers with backing by Hand Ninja while continually assuming new capabilities on the fly during the conflict. Something which would be his undoing as the influx of new superhuman traits caused him to self-destruct due to their conflicting natures. Consequently slagging Norman's body while also frying his mind, leaving him comatose in the end.[1]

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