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Synopsis for "Slayers from the Sea!"

Chapter 1: An Alliance Asunder? In Latveria, Dr. Doom and the Sub-Mariner have it out, all of their most recent endeavors all ending in failure, Namor considers that their alliance was hasty and departs. This leaves Doom to ponder over his many failures against Earth's super-heroes, the fact that he requires an ally and not another senseless pawn sends Doom into a frenzy. Hoping to recruit the Sub-Mariner once more, Doom sends a tracking device disguised as a fish to follow the undersea monarch. Chapter 2: Frenzy on a Floating Fortress

Namor returns to the Hydrobase, there he is attacked by one of the islands defensive devices put in place by Dr. Hydro previously. Namor smashes the device before it can incapacitate him. Namor runs into Dr. Jennings who tells the Sub-Mariner that there is trouble afoot on Hydrobase. No sooner is it said that they are attacked by members of Attuma's army. After Namor makes quick work of these foes, he asks Jennings to explain what has happened on the island. Jennings explained that he was in the middle of an experiment when the base was bombarded with ionic rays. Everyone was knocked out except for him due to the fact that he was wearing a protective suit, the rest of the people on the island were incapacitated by Octo-Mechs, but Jennings managed to get away.

Just then, Namor is attacked by Tiger Shark, and learns that he is not alone as his mortal foe has brought along Attuma and Dr. Dorcas as well. After a lengthy battle against Tiger Shark, Namor is knocked out by an electric jolt fired by Dr. Dorcas.

This story is continued next issue...


  • Sequence 1 Slayers from the Sea! Chapter One An Alliance Asunder?
    • pencils (issue pages): Tuska pages 1-3, Everett pages 6-10
    • letters (issue pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Watanabe pages 2-10
  • Sequence 2 Part Two: Frenzy on a Floating Fortress letters (issue pages) Watanabe pages 11-18, Mantlo (uncredited) pages 19-31

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