Quote1 (To Doctor Doom) ... If I had a choice, I'd sooner team up with Satan! Quote2
-- Cap

Appearing in "Chapter 3: My Ally, My Enemy!"

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Synopsis for "Chapter 3: My Ally, My Enemy!"

Continued from last issue...

Prince Rudolfo (disguised as Dr. Doom) has been shot down by the Red Skull, and the Skull intends to kill the Shroud next. He next gets reports that a ship containing his old foes Captain America and the real Dr. Doom has been shot down. Although they survive the crash, the Red Skull assumes that they have died and gloats the injured Shroud how he intends to enslave the entire planet with a satellite station armed with a hypno-ray which is now in it's final phases of construction in Earth's orbit.

Although Captain America and Dr. Doom have survived the crash, they are shocked to find that the blast that downed them had also shrunk them down to size. The find that the strange in stature will make their travels to Castle Doom more treacherous than before.

Meanwhile, the Sub-Mariner arrives at Castle Doom and is attacked by the Red Skull's men. However the Skull calls them off and tries to convince the Skull to join their cause. The Shroud reminds Namor that he'd be giving into someone just like Hitler -- whom he fought during World War II, leading the Skull to violently silence the Shroud. As the Skull continues to try and convince Namor to join their cause, the miniature Dr. Doom and Captain America manage to make their way to Doom's throne room and attack. The Sub-Mariner grabs Doom at the Red Skull's command, however Doom convinces the Sub-Mariner to believe the stories of the Skull's intent to build a hypno-ray and Doom promises to cure the comatose Atlantians if the Sub-Mariner restores them to their normal size.

The Sub-Mariner, knowing that Dr. Doom is not a liar, pushes a button on the shrinking device that restores Doom and Cap to their normal sizes. Although the Red Skull has to fight not only Doom, but also Captain America and the Shroud, he manages to get to Doom's throne and erect a force field around himself. Boasting over his eventual victory he doesn't notice the mortally wounded Rudolfo reaching for a control device, hoping it will destroy the Red Skull. Although Rudolfo had the best intentions in mind, he did not destroy the Red Skull, only transport him to the Moon where he can finalize the construction of his hypno-ray.

This story is continued next issue....


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Bad Tidings". Letters are published from Michael Biegel, Lou Fetters, Ed Bove, Dave Pfeil, Bennet Marks, and John Barrett.

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