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Quote1 Atlantis has risen again! We are a whole people once more! Quote2

Appearing in "When Walks the Warlord!"

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Synopsis for "When Walks the Warlord!"

Following the defeat of the Red Skull, Dr. Doom makes good his promise to join Namor in Atlantis and attempt to restore the Atlanteans that have spent recent history in a comatose state. However, upon their arrival they find an army led by Warlord Krang, who intends destroy the Sub-Mariner and take over Atlantis. Bound by honor, Dr. Doom decides to help Namor stop this attack.

As Namor fights off Krang's army, Dr. Doom teleports to the suspended animation chamber and begins trying to restore the unconscious Atlanteans. Put on the run from the fury of Namor's counter attack, Krang uses the trumpet horn of Atlantis to summon a sea creature referred to as "The Blasphemous Horror" to destroy Namor. At this moment, Dr. Doom succeeds in reviving some of the Atlanteans. Namor braves the creature alone, however he is soon joined by the newly revived people of Atlantis, much to his joy.

Furious, Krang engages in a sword fight against Dr. Doom, but is woefully unmatched and Doom easily defeats him. Doom turns him over to Namor after the sea monster is defeated. With the people revived, they reinstate Namor as their monarch and hail him their hero. Doom decides to leave in discretion, envying the Atlanteans love for Namor and believing that they will someday work again in the future.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Bad Tidings". Letters are published from Rob Stuendal, John B. McDonald, Aaron Shore, Charles David Haskell, and "Namor the First".

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