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The Red Skull

Appearing in "Shall I Call Thee Master?"

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Synopsis for "Shall I Call Thee Master?"

On Exile Island, after having a meal with the Hate Monger, the Red Skull retires early for the night and begins his strict exercise regiment, before beginning his next plot with the Monger. Elsewhere, Shin Bet Commando Yousuf Tov is being held prisoner by the Red Skull. However instead of living in utter squalor like the other slaves on Exile island, the Skull has allowed him to be a prisoner living in luxury. However, with a bomb implanted into his body, Yousuf is being used as a pawn by the Skull to demoralize his slaves, and also diminish Yousuf's image as a Nazi bounty hunter as well.

To further his jests, the Red Skull shows Yousuf his current plot to rule the world: Creating a new Cosmic Cube. His plan is almost complete, only needing more information from AIM to finalize his creation. The Skull offers Yousuf a deal: Because the Hate Mongers usefulness would come to an end at the moment the Cube is created, the Skull asks Yousuf to be his ace-in-the-hole in killing the Hate Monger, and in return he will allow Yousuf to go free. Yousuf has no other alternative but to accept.

As the Skull meets with the Hate Monger (revealed to be a clone of Adolf Hitler himself) they discuss how the Monger saved the Red Skull from the moon and their recent defeat at the hands of Captain America. While this meeting is going on Yousuf fakes having the pain implant in his neck go off in order to get the drop on the guard who is watching him and make an daring escape. Freeing the slaves, Yousuf leads a revolt and manages to escape the island.

Seeing a US Naval ship Yousuf hails it and boards the ship. However he quickly learns it was only a decoy placed by the Red Skull and the Hate Monger and he is quickly recaptured and brought back to Exile Island.

This story is continued next issue...


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story #LG363.

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