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Appearing in "If Vengeance Fails!"

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Synopsis for "If Vengeance Fails!"

Continued from last issue...

Dr. Dorcas has just killed Betty Dean, and Namor is furious. Namor battles with Dorcas, Tiger Shark and Attuma, however he is easily over powered by his three enemies. Dr. Doom watches this with cold calculation, and decides that if they would take over the world together, they must be above such petty things and breaks up the fight. When he tries to take Namor away, the Sub-Mariner refuses to go anywhere until he's had his revenge on Dorcas. Attacking Doom, Namor is close enough for Doom to activate his teleportation device causing them both to be transported by to Latveria.

After such a hard battle the injured Namor passes out and Dr. Doom has his best medics revive the sea-monarch. Being taken to Dr. Doom, Namor finds that Doom has decided that the only way to get the Sub-Mariner to form an alliance with him would be to aid in getting revenge on Dorcas first. Although Doom has formulated a plan, the two come to heated words over the likely hood of success based on Namor's assessment of Doom's previous failures in battling the Fantastic Four.

While back at Hydrobase, the villains are beginning to search for Dr. Jennings, who they need to repair and service their Octo-Meks. However, before they can find the Jennings they are attacked by Dr. Doom and the Sub-Mariner. As Doom distracts Dorcas and the others with a flying ship, Namor frees the captured Hydro-Men, and then attacks Dorcas, Attuma and Tiger Shark alone as Dr. Doom fights off Attuma's soldiers.

The fight ends when Doom detonates two missiles when Attuma's forces had him pinned down, killing all save himself in the explosion. During the fight between Namor and his foes, the Sub-Mariner bests them all in combat, Dorcas is killed when an Octo-Mek falls and crushes him to death. Namor has Attuma and Tiger Shark taken into custody by the Hydro-Men to be imprisoned. After witnessing Doom coldly killing Attuma's bumbling subordinate Saru-San, Namor questions Doom's methods, Doom warns Namor that such attitude would have a negative effect on their alliance.


  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Holloway pages 2-19.
  • This issue contains this series first letters page, "Bad Tidings". Letters are published from Jay L. Zilber, and Peter Sanderson.
  • Attuma previously appeared last issue and will appear again in Avengers #154.

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