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Quote1 ... I still say ol' Fish-Face and Doc Doom deserve each other! Quote2

Appearing in "Prisoner!"

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Synopsis for "Prisoner!"

Continued from last issue...

Namor is forced to be forever loyal to Dr. Doom in order to survive, and has been transported to Latveria. After hours of solitude, Dr. Doom finally gives audience to the undersea monarch. Doom tells Namor that he will begin making plans for world domination and asks that the Sub-Mariner relax until then. Returning to his control room, Dr. Doom's sensors pick up the Fantasticar crossing into Latveria's boarders and tries to use the countries defenses to destroy the invading Fantastic Four.

The FF manage to break through the air defenses but are forced to land outside the castle. Namor watches helplessly as the Fantastic Four have to fight off an army of Dr. Doom's androids. The Sub-Mariner also happens to stop the Shroud, a man who seeks to destroy Dr. Doom smuggle himself into the country undetected. Dr. Doom is otherwise occupied as he is meeting with Henry Kissinger and discussing Latveria's new political base now that it is allied with Atlantis.

This meeting is interrupted when one of his subordinates informs him that the FF have defeated all the androids. In response, Doom orders the Sub-Mariner to go out and stop the Fantastic Four or not be given his next serum treatment and die. Namor has no choice but to fight his would be saviors, however the FF manage to defeat Namor easily. Entering Doom's castle they are about to clash with Doom when Kissinger approaches and tells them that to do so would incite an international incident and orders the Fantastic Four to return to the United States. With no choice but to comply, the FF leave, much to Doom's pleasure. However, none are aware that in the shadows lurks the Shroud.

This story is continued next issue...


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Bad Tidings". Letters are published from Ralph Macchio, William Nutt, and Mark Long.
  • In this issue, Namor notes that he was 22 years old during World War II.

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