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Synopsis for "Who Is...the Shroud?"

With the United States making a peace agreement with Latveria, the Fantastic Four are ordered by Henry Kissinger to cease their illegal trespass on Latverian soil and return to the United States, a request they comply with begrudgingly. After Kissinger leaves Doom begins plotting his bid to take over the world, leaving Namor to his own devices. The Sub-Mariner detects the presence of the Shroud.

The Shroud reveals himself to Namor and explains to the enslaved monarch his origins: As a small child the Shroud's family was murdered by a crook. By that point on, the young man who would become the Shroud would vow to destroy all crime, and began a life time of studying science, detective work as well as honing his body physically. Inspired by the symbolism that super-heroes use to fight crime, the inspired man woudl travel to Tibet and meet with the Cult of Kali, who worshiped the god Kali, a bringer of justice. After training with the cult they eventually gifted him with the mark of Kali, which involved placing a hot iron on his face. Fleeing from the searing pain, the Shroud would bury his face in the snow outside. He would find that the temple vanished, and although the experience had blinded him, it endowed him with great powers. The Shroud would then design his costume and use his mastery of darkness to fight crime. The Shroud explains to Namor that he intends to kill Dr. Doom, a plan that Namor dismisses as sheer madness.

Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four have returned to the States and made a stop at the Hydrobase to tell Namor's followers what has happened to their leader. While back in Latveria, Dr. Doom goes out to terrorize the people of his country. Stopping at a peasants house, he orders the man to allow him to take the company of her daughter as it is Latverian law that the ruler of the country may choose any woman for company. The young girl is taken away, however before Doom can take her back to his castle and have his way with her, the Shroud chooses to attack Doom. Initially, Doom is able to fight off the Shrouds attack. However the Shrouds skills, powers, and special crime fighting tools eventually get the better of Dr. Doom, who is ultimately knocked off a cliff by the very hounds he was taking out for a walk.

Presuming that Doom is dead, the Shroud goes to inform Namor of the good news and the two leave Castle Doom to go and find someone who can cure Namor for good. Unfortunately for them however, Dr. Doom survived the attack, he revives aboard an Atlantian sub piloted by Namorita and Tamara Kurtz who pronounce to Doom that he is their prisoner.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Bad Tidings". Letters are published from Larry Twiss, K.J. Robbins, and Ralph Macchio.

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