Super Hero Squad Show
Super Hero Squad Show Season 2 title.jpg

Charlie Adler - Doctor Doom
Steven Blum - Wolverine, Abomination
Dave Boat - Thor
Alimi Ballard - Falcon
Grey Delisle - Ms. Marvel
Mikey Kelley - Silver Surfer
Tom Kenny - Iron Man, Captain America, M.O.D.O.K.

Travis Willingham - Hulk
23 Minutes
United States
Cartoon Network
First and Last Aired Episodes


Season 1

  1. And Lo... A Pilot Shall Come!
  2. To Err Is Superhuman!
  3. This Silver, This Surfer!
  4. Hulk Talk Smack!
  5. Enter: Dormammu!
  6. A Brat Walks Among Us!
  7. From the Atom... It Rises!
  8. Night in the Sanctorum!
  9. This Forest Green!
  10. O, Captain, My Captain!
  11. If This Be My Thanos!
  12. Deadly Is the Black Widow's Bite!
  13. Tremble at the Might of M.O.D.O.K.!
  14. Mental Organism Designed Only for Kisses!
  15. Invader from the Dark Dimension!
  16. Tales of Suspense!
  17. Stranger from a Savage Land!
  18. Mysterious Mayhem at Mutant High!
  19. Election of Evil!
  20. Oh, Brother!
  21. Hexed, Vexed and Perplexed!
  22. The Ice Melt Cometh!
  23. Wrath of the Red Skull!
  24. Mother of Doom
  25. Last Exit Before Doomsday!
  26. This Al Dente Earth!

Season 2

  1. Another Order of Evil! (Part 1 of 2)
  2. Another Order of Evil! (Part 2 of 2)
  3. World War Witch!
  4. Villainy Redux Syndrome!
  5. Support Your Local Sky-Father
  6. Whom Continuity Would Destroy!
  7. Double Negation at the World's End!
  8. Alienating with the Surfer!
  9. Blind Rage Knows No Color!
  10. Lo, How the Mighty Hath Abdicated!
  11. So Pretty When They Explode!
  12. Too Many Wolverines!
  13. Pedicure and Facial of Doom!
  14. Fate of Destiny
  15. The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill! (Six Against Infinity, Part 1)
  16. Days, Nights, and Weekends of Future Past! (Six Against Infinity, Part 2)
  17. This Man-Thing, This Monster! (Six Against Infinity, Part 3)
  18. The Devil Dinosaur You Say! (Six Against Infinity, Part 4)
  19. Planet Hulk! (Six Against Infinity, Part 5)
  20. 1602! (Six Against Infinity, Part 6)
  21. Brouhaha at the World's Bottom!
  22. Missing: Impossible!
  23. Revenge of the Baby Sat!
  24. Soul Stone Picnic!
  25. When Strikes the Surfer!
  26. The Final Battle! ('Nuff Said!)


Doctor Doom appears as the primary antagonist in the first season of The Super Hero Squad Show voiced by Charlie Adler. He is after the Infinity Sword and has enlisted a number of villains to help him obtain it.

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