Quote1 "Huh, Dormammu and the Mindless Ones, I own all your records..." Quote2
-- Iron Man

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Synopsis for "Enter: Dormammu!"

Supernatural wackiness is turning the city (and the Squad) upside-down. The Squad goes to the mysterious Dr. Strange for help, but Strange tricks them into battling the dread Dormammu. It seems a wayward fractal is stuck in the Eye of Agomotto – but can the heroes possibly free Dr. Strange from the fractal's influence, defeat Dormammu and rescue the city from an army of Mindless Ones, all at the same time?



  • When Dormammu first appears, Hulk and Wolverine attempt to use the Fastball special against him.
  • Wolverine is transforms into a Moose and a Beaver, those silly Canadians.
  • Thor is turned into a Frog, just like Loki did to him in the past.
  • Dr. Strange is skilled at Sudoku and Bulgarian Cow Tipping.

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