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"Night in the Sanctorum!"

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"Night in the Sanctorum!"

Quote1.png Odin wept! Not... wait for it... the Sanctum Sanctorum! Quote2.png
-- Thor

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Synopsis for "Night in the Sanctorum!"

When the Helicarrier is embarrassingly smashed, the Squad needs to find a place to crash. The team proves none too welcome at Stark Industries, the Punisher's battle van and Reptil's bedroom. Dr. Strange takes them in, but they dread a creepy, wacky night in his Sanctum Sanctorum. And thanks to the Enchantress, there is even more magical mayhem than they bargained for.



  • Animation Error: Reptil already had a place to stay (his house) yet he was amongst the other squaddies during their arrival at the Sanctorum. After the squaddies got kicked out, Reptil was not seen during the rest of this episode.


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