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Super Heroes of Europe
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S.H.E. Base, somewhere in Europe
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Many years ago the nations of Europe founded the S.H.E.; a coalition of European-based super-humans dedicated to defending the continent from all threats and acting as a peacekeeping force throughout the world. Some of the members of S.H.E. were killed by Void, but the organization survived and the affected nations chose new super-powered individuals to represent them in S.H.E.[1]

Civil War

During the height of the Civil War, the behavioral protocols within the nanites S.H.I.E.L.D. was using to control Norman Osborn were tampered with, causing Osborn to slaughter a 20-man Atlantean sleeper cell that had been activated in New York City. In order to avert a military confrontation, S.H.E. brokered a deal between the Atlantean delegations led by Ambassador Govan would hold a conference on the Lower East Side Wharf in order to air their grievances in a public forum in accordance with Atlantean custom.[2]

Wales' new Red Dragon was authorized by the State Department to act as a mediator while the Belgian Brain was slated to serve as translator for the event; however, as soon as the conference started, Norman Osborn emerged from the crowd and shot Ambassador Govan, causing him to retreat into the waters with his Atlantean delegation. Norman was quickly subdued by Gunnar and placed in police custody.[2]


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