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Not all troops of the Patriot Garrison have been enhanced by the Super-Soldier Serum and Vita-Ray process developed by Dr. Erskine. First, soldiers must pass basic training and demonstrate extraordinary commitment to the Garrison's values. The formula is a goal, not a promise. Super-human strength and stamina are given only to those who first display Morality, Courage, and Selflessnessin the face of certain doom or overwhelming odds. Only then will this powerful tool be given to individuals who can be trusted with its heavy obligation.[1]

The Serum and a suit in the style of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, are given to these elite members, thereby forming an army of aligned wills and unshakeable morals. Those who cross the Garrison can expect a shield-carrying force of red, white, and blue to come knocking on their door... and they do not knock twice.[1]

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