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Founded by D-Man, Super Trans was originally a support group for young, trans mutants based out of the Matt Baker House in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens. During one of their earliest meetings, the Matt Baker House was invaded by the Sinister Syndicate while battling Spider-Man. Using their powers, the members of Super Trans were able to rescue an unconscious Spider-Man and an overwhelmed D-Man.[4]

Eventually, the group was disbanded due to anti-mutant sentiment, but its members remained friends. When they first reunited, they were attacked by Sentin-Ally, a straight "ally" trying to be recruited to the team. After defeating Sentin-Ally, Pity Girl identified their team as the "X-Men" in a viral video. Calling themselves the X-Men brought them to the attention of both the Quiet Council of Krakoa and Mojo.[2] After decades of artificially slowed time and thousands of recorded episodes, the team was able to escape with help from Mojo Junior and the X-Men. Upon returning home and deaging, the team adopted the new name The Next Mutants.[1]


  • The name "Super Trans" is likely a play on "Super Friends."

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