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—Communications Station[src]

The Superflow is the informational space between universes.[2] It is said to be where dreams, ideas, and visions come from, and where telepathy operates. Weather in the Superflow influences the zeitgeist.[14][15]

Nightmasks such as Izanami Randall and Adam Blackveil can access and navigate the Superflow. They can use it to transport from one location to another.[14][16][17][4][6]

Additionally, high-level cosmic beings like Abstracts, Galactus, Aspirants, Celestials, etc. can also enter the Superflow at will.[5][8][2][18] The Superflow has been described as the level of aspects, the realm of the abstract entities, and a conceptual space where signifier and signified become one, metaphors and reality meet, and concepts make war.[8][2] Combat in the Superflow is a metaphor and abstract entities can be directly damaged there.[5][2]



The Builders entered the Superflow at some point in antiquity. They spent a million years building machines and structures in the Superflow. These machines were maintained by the Caretakers and the Curators, and would fire White Events to give planets Starbrands, Nightmasks, Justices, Ciphers, and other Builder systems.[3] As the Superflow is the space between universes, this allowed the Builders to freely travel from universe to universe.[9]

Superflow from Newuniversal Vol 1 1 001

Nightmask meeting a Communications Station


Upon a White Event, Izanami Randall became Nightmask and woke up in the Superflow. She met a Communications Station who explained to her the Superflow and the White Event. She learned that the White Event also manifested a Starbrand (Ken Connell), a Justice (John Tensen), and a Cipher (Jenny Swann).[19]

After downloading information about them,[14] she became worried about the Starbrand, fearing that he might kill everyone. She figured out that the Superflow could be used to traverse distances in the real world and transported herself from San Francisco to Optima Down, Oklahoma.[16] Meanwhile, a Native American CIA agent named Emmett Proudhawk had a vision in the Superflow thanks to the White Event and was told to look after for the superhumans it produced.[15] While in the Superflow, the US military launched an attack on Ken Connell and Izanami saw it in the Superflow. She transported to his location before using the Superflow to transport them both back to her home in San Francisco.[20]


Superflow from Avengers Vol 5 7 002

Communications/Ascension Stations firing White Events as the last of them collapse

Due to the incursions, the Builders' structures in every Superflow began to collapse. Some stations began firing White Events randomly in desperation and one of these, dubbed the last White Event, affected Earth-616. It turned Adam into Nightmask and Kevin Connor into Starbrand; however, no Justice or Cipher manifested because the system was broken.[21] The collapse severely limited the transportation capabilities of the Builders.[22]

As the incursions progressively destroyed more and more of the Multiverse, the Builders gathered to figure out the cause. They discovered that the collapse was the doing of the Ivory Kings, also known as the Beyonders. After a hopeless battle, the Builders and their servants were destroyed.[23] Nothing could stop the Beyonders from ending the Multiverse, but Doctor Doom stole their power and Reed Richards used that power to bring the Multiverse back as the Eighth Cosmos.[24][25] The Builders were seemingly not brought back with it and so their machines became abandoned and forgotten.[11]

Superflow from Ultimates Vol 3 3 001

The Ultimates passing by the Superflow on their trip to the Outside

Ultimates and Eternity War[]

To reach the Outside, the Ultimates left their universe to enter the Superflow, and then the Neutral Zone, before finally leaving the Multiverse entirely.[26] Lifebringer Galactus intercepted them on behalf of Eternity and brought them back, but as he was passing through the Superflow, he was confronted by Master Order and Lord Chaos. They were displeased by Galactus' transition in to the Lifebringer, but thanks to cosmic hierarchy being in flux due to the recent multiversal renewal,[27] Galactus was able to defeat them.[5]

Lifebringer Galactus was later called to a trial in the Superflow with Master Order, Lord Chaos, and the Living Tribunal. The Tribunal ruled in Galactus' favor, reasoning that the Eighth Cosmos was a new cosmos with no established roles or hierarchy as of yet. Order and Chaos figured out that this was how Galactus was able to defeat them before, and using the fact that the cosmic hierarchy was still forming to their own advantage, they slayed the Living Tribunal and then merged with the In-Betweener to become Logos.[28]

Aspirants and Logos (Cosmic Being) (Earth-616) from Ultimates 2 Vol 2 9 001

The Maker watching Logos and the Aspirants meet in the Superflow

Order and Chaos' radical actions were due to being corrupted by the Aspirants and the First Firmament.[29] Logos converged with the Aspirants in the Superflow to prepare for the First Firmament reclaiming its place as all that exists. Lifebringer Galactus assembled the Eternity Watch to save Eternity and battled the First Firmament's forces in the Superflow while the Maker and the High Evolutionary watched.[2]

The Maker believed that Eternity was too weak to fight the First Firmament as a Multiverse; if he got rid of the Superflow, the space between universes, he could empower Eternity as a single Universe like his foe. He used information from the Aspirants to do it, but while he did make Eternity stronger, he also made Eternity easier for the First Firmament to digest.[2] The Ultimates undid the Maker's actions and restored the Superflow. Meanwhile, T'Challa ascended to the Superflow thanks to the Tiger God, the Never Queen revived the Celestials who then promptly entered the Superflow, and together, they defeated Logos and the Aspirants. This gave Eternity the strength to call upon the Ultimate Ultimates and defeat the First Firmament.[18]

Avenger Prime[]

Avenger Prime gathered a multiversal army of Avengers and Deathloks at the God Quarry to prepare for the Battle at Infinity's End. He had his Avengers and Deathloks move through the Superflow to recruit more members.[30][31] Their foes, the Council of Red and Multiversal Masters of Evil, were ravaging the Multiverse.[32] Sensing the multiversal distress, King Thor's Mjolnir and the Goddesses of Thunder travelled through the Superflow to help other universes and assemble the scattered pieces of Old Man Phoenix.[7][33]

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Conner Sims (Earth-616) from Ultimates Vol 3 12 002

Anti-Man traveling to the Outside in Ultimates (Vol. 3) #12

  • The Superflow is the space between universes that connects and separates universes, and it allows multiversal travel.[9][10][11][5][2][7][35][31] However, each universe has its own designated Superflow,[14][21] presumably the Superflow local to those universes.
  • The Dreaming Celestial communicates in a place called the "Dreamspace,"[36] which is another name for the Superflow.[3][4][5] It is not known if these are the same place.
  • Ultimates (Vol. 3) #3 maps the following: "Deep Space" (inside the universe) → The Superflow (space between universes) → The Neutral Zone (outer edge of the Multiverse) → The Outside.

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