Supergiant is a member of the Black Order, a group of lethal aliens who follow and worships Thanos.

At some point in the past, she dated Peter Quill, however it ended badly and she has resented him ever since.[1]


Omnipathy: Supergiant has the ability to read and control the minds of people of any race.

  • Psychic Possession: Another attribute to her vast psionic ability is the capacity to project a mental energy surge that overwhelms her victims' conscious minds, making them more subservient to her will. However individuals with strong will power are capable of resisting her control.[2]

Size Alteration: Supergiant is capable of expanding her size and figure into ginormous height.[1]

  • Superhuman Strength: Along with her enhanced size, Supergiant gains superhuman strength, in proportion with her increased height.

  • Unlike her mainstream counterpart, she didn't have the ability to increase in size, this is likely added in making her name more accurate.

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