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Superhuman Strength, also called super strength or enhanced strength, is an ability commonly utilized in fiction. It is the ability for any creature to be stronger than normally possible given their proportions.[1]

Superhuman strength is derived from various mechanisms such as; battlesuits, cybernetics, genetic modification, telekinetic fields, and magic. Many heroes and villains usually have a degree of super strength. The level of strength portrayed can vary greatly, from just outside the "normal" human range of the strongest weightlifters of a given size or muscle mass, to nearly unlimited. In most portrayals, superhuman strength is usually accompanied by superhuman stamina and durability as well.[1]

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In the Marvel universe, Superhuman strength is often measured by a Strength Scale based on the number of tons a character can lift of his or her head, from 1 to 100 (Class 20, Class 50, Class 100, etc). Characters who can lift more than 100 tons often have incalculable or unlimited strength.[1]

In the Marvel Handbooks, the first class of superhuman strength is classed from head pressing 800 lbs through a 25 ton range, while Peak humans are classed at head pressing twice one's body weight.[1]

Notable Characters with Superhuman Strength[]

A full list of characters with superhuman strength can be found here.

Applications of Superhuman Strength[]

  • Strike with superhuman force
  • Lift massive objects and throw them with ease
  • Create makeshift weapons and tools out of basic objects. (by deforming the shape/appearance of said object)
  • Break through reinforced barriers with relative ease
  • Certain super-strong characters can create shock waves by simply clapping their hands together or slamming their fists/feet against the ground
  • Certain super-strong characters can use their overly-developed leg muscles to leap great distances
  • If a character has exceptional skill in hand-to-hand combat, one can combine their skills with their increased strength with devastating results

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