The Superior's origins are currently unknown, though he claims to be the son of the Leader, and his similar appearance/abilities would suggest that this is quite possible.

At some point, The Superior began to kidnap unsuspecting teenagers from various locations. Exposing them to various forms of radiation and implanting false "personal narratives," he formed the Bastards of Evil. This group was dedicated to causing wanton destruction, showing no interest in personal gain rather than sending the message of their superiority and the foolishness of weakness.[2]

The Bastards of Evil's actions caught the attention of the young heroes collectively known as the Young Allies. Rather than evade the heroes, the Superior ordered the Bastards of Evil to make an example of the Allies, specifically Spider-Girl and Nomad. During the attempt, the questionable nature of some of the Bastards claims to parentage was brought to the surface, confusing the team.[3]

In the ensuing fight, Aftershock attacked Singularity, restoring his memories. Confronting the Superior, Singularity was ripped apart by the Superior's telekinetic abilities. The distraction, however, gave the Young Allies enough of an opportunity to defeat the Superior and the other Bastards.

Currently, the Superior is being held in prison along with the other remaining members of the Bastards. However, he claims to already have a plan for escape, including once again altering the memories of his "Siblings," as well as creating more bastards.[1]


Intelligence: Like his supposed father, The Superior has an advanced human mental acumen. This is especially true if his states age of ten-years-old is correct. He was able to design and control an experiment exposing 5 different teenagers to high-levels of radiation, seemingly by himself, as well as design mental implants. His understanding of advanced medical and scientific equipment also suggests an elevated level of thought process.[1]

Telekinesis: The Superior shows practiced telekinetic abilities, able to immobilize all five members of the Young Allies at once, though with considerable strain. He also ripped Singularity in half with telekinetic abilities.[1]

  • The Superior has stated that he is 10 years old.[1]

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