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Disembodied by Carnage's attack, Klaw ruminates on the nature of sound and sonic booms, lamenting that he and the Wizard forgot Carnage was an unstable element. Noting that he is for all intents and purposes dead, Klaw observes the events transpiring around him as he becomes part of the acoustic fabric of the sound wall, lamenting that he was unable to protect the ones he left behind.

As the Carnage symbiote takes over the Wizard, Klaw realizes that he can experience events that occurred across time and space, witnessing the birth of the Carnage symbiote and its first bonding with Cletus Kasady, experiencing the symbiote's solace and relief in finding a suitable host. As he views the times it was abandoned by Cletus and bonded to Ben Reilly, Norrin Radd, and Tanis Nieves, Klaw realizes that the symbiote has only grown stronger over time and with successive hosts, and that separating it from Cletus Kasady was the worst thing he and the Wizard could have done. Psychoanalyzing it, Klaw compares the Carnage to a human teenager, striving for independence while also craving a connection to its original host - its family. As Klaw nears the present, he witnesses the badly-injured Wizard telling reporters he just wants to see his son, and Bentley-23 seeing his father in a new light, realizing that the Carnage symbiote and the Wizard are angry about the same thing.

Lifting a car over his head, Carnage furiously demands to know where his family is. Malus regains consciousness and asks to know what is going on, but Spider-Man tells him to stay down and shields him from the car, radioing for backup and instructing his troops to bring the prototype flamethrowers. Spider-Man laments that the one bit of Peter Parker he couldn't purge was bad luck as Carnage lunges, forming an arm-blade and snarling that Spider-Man promised him his son. Spider-Man dodges and states that the deal was that he'd give him his son if he helped control Carnage, and the Wizard retorts that he did one better by becoming Carnage. Spider-Man tells the Wizard to turn himself in, reminding him that the symbiote killed his friend Klaw and asking how it feels to be in the skin of someone he despises. Carnage mockingly turns the question on Spider-Man, taunting him with his knowledge of Otto's secret. As a platoon of Spiderlings arrive, Spider-Man orders them to immolate Carnage but the prototype flamethrowers fail. Smashing Carnage with a parking meter, Spider-Man orders Malus to run, but Malus reminds him he's a paraplegic and can't even walk. Carnage pounces on Malus and devours him, spattering the Spiderlings with blood, while Klaw laments the Wizard's loss of control to the symbiote.

A Spiderling runs up to Spider-Man saying a boy claiming to be the Wizard's son has arrived, but Otto furiously punches him hard enough to knock him out, snapping to never reveal intel that could be used against him. Carnage quips that he doesn't think the Spiderling heard him and mockingly asking if there is a doctor hiding amongst them. As Spider-Man furiously attacks, Carnage snares him with tendrils and demands that Otto make good on his promise, mauling him while threatening to destroy his life and undo the miracle that Otto pulled off. Spider-Man relents, telling his Spiderlings to bring Carnage's family in, but as the Wizard jubilantly proclaims his victory Spider-Man says he wasn't talking to him, but to the symbiote. A status pod containing Cletus Kasady's badly burnt but still-living body is wheeled out by two Spiderlings, surprising Klaw, who had assumed Kasady perished when the base was destroyed. The Carnage symbiote immediately leaves the Wizard, taking care to make the separation as agonizing as possible, and too late Spider-Man orders the Spiderlings to contain it before it reaches Kasady. As the symbiote reunites with Cletus, Klaw realizes he was wrong about his earlier assessment of the alien: it hasn't been continually abandoning, but has deliberately been separating itself from Cletus to become more powerful and mold him into the perfect host, its soul mate.

As the symbiote suffocates the Spiderlings, Spider-Man takes one of the sonic guns and aims it at Carnage. In control of Cletus, the Carnage symbiote speaks, snarling at Spider-Man to stay back and claiming Cletus's body as its property. Disarming Spider-Man and knocking him aside, Carnage prepares to devour the Wizard in retaliation for separating the symbiote from its beloved host. Using the last of his energy, Klaw manifests in the storm clouds above the battle and hits Carnage with a bolt of lightning, the intense heat and the point-blank shockwave of the thunder separating Cletus from the symbiote again. Spider-Man has the symbiote contained before it can recover, while Klaw is satisfied with being able to avenge his own death and save the Wizard, allowing his consciousness to fade into oblivion.

The Wizard is hospitalized, while the Carnage symbiote is taken to Spider-Man's base to be contained and studied. Some time later, at a maximum security prison hospital wing, a doctor tells a Spiderling that the Carnage symbiote cured the Wizard's dementia, while in his cell the Wizard and his son converse via instant messaging. The Spiderling asks the doctor if the Wizard remembers anything about Spider-Man's secret identity, but the doctor says they can't know for sure. As the Spiderling leaves, he stops and asks for if the doctor is sure that the symbiote repaired the Wizard's brain. The doctor verifies this, asking why the Spiderling wanted to know.

In his cell, Cletus Kasady - fully recovered from his lobotomy - writes "CARNAGE RULES" on the wall of his cell.

Solicit Synopsis

• Superior Showdown! Superior Spider-Man versus Superior Carnage—but does the Wizard have one more trick in his mind-controlling hat?

• Has Carnage become unleashed for good?

• The most nefarious and wicked miniseries of the year comes to an epic conclusion!

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