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After transferring his mind into the body of New U Technologies' Proto-Clone to avoid dying from cellular degeneration, Otto Octavius returned to one of his old bases only to discover it had been appropriated by agents of Hydra. Otto easily defeated the intruders, prompting Arnim Zola to offer him a place among the ranks of Hydra, which Otto just accepted because Zola proposed to help him take Parker Industries down. Having access to Hydra's manpower and resources, Otto built a new set of tentacles and a new suit patterned after his Superior Spider-Man's costume, rebranding himself as the Superior Octopus.[1]


  • Rather than Web-Shooters, the suit has "Ink-Shooters", which Otto uses to disable his foes as a non-lethal method, such as blinding their eyes.
  • The new set of tentacles are capable of emitting sonic waves strong enough to disable Symbiotes.


  • The suit's Ink-Shooters are a reference to how some species of octopuses release ink when feeling threatened, or to escape predators.

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