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Quote1 I will find out who is responsible. And what I do to them will make what I've done to you seem the most tender of mercies. Quote2

Appearing in "Hostage Crisis"

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Synopsis for "Hostage Crisis"

Blackout intends to make a name for himself as an assassin and since Peter Parker is known to build technology for Spider-Man he kidnaps his Aunt May. Otto finds out about this through the Spider-Bot he put to guard May and Blackout later contacts him saying that he wants him to sabotage Spider-Man's equipment so he can kill him more easily. Enraged Otto obtains information about Blackout from Daniel Ketch and violently attacks the half-demon and after freeing May, defeats him and violently tortures him, using him as an example for what happens to those who harm Peter Parker and his family.

Solicit Synopsis

• This ain’t no regular Annual, buck-o! This one counts!

• BLACKOUT is back, and he wants to re-establish his reputation by killing the toughest guy in town... Spider-Man! • He plans to force Peter Parker Spidey into a trap. Blackout’s leverage? Aunt May!

• The world will never look at Superior Spider-Man the same after this. BE THERE!

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