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Quote1 My name is Peter Parker. The real Peter Parker, that is. For a while I had been locked in this brain that Ock and I both shared. Call my role in all of this what you will: a participant in his life, an observer to his memories, but watching this particular Superior Spider-Man unfold has given me new perspective on Ock's actions. And while I don't condone the things he's done, I can at least understand them a bit more. To his credit, it was Otto's scientific findings that helped create the Goblin cure, so in a way he did win his battle with Norman. Because not only did he kill the Green Goblin as we know him, but he did it through science. The irony being that what finally enabled this scientific mastermind to become a Superior person, was when he stopped thinking with his head... and started thinking with his heart. As for me, I'm just happy to be back. A lot has changed in my life, and a lot of consequences need to be faced. But for the time being it feels good to look in the mirror and know that behind those Baby Browns is... Amazing Spider-Man Quote2
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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Otto desperately tried to save Mary Alice but ultimately failed and thus swore to Norman that he would humiliate him by defeating Spider-Man before him. Eventually he succeeded by stealing his body, but Spider-Man later took it back and having seen Otto's memories it is said that this helped him understand him a little better and then it is said that Otto did in fact defeat Norman, because if he beat it was also thanks to him and his scientific research.

Solicit Synopsis

• As THE AMAZING SPIDER- MAN Returns, flashback to a never before revealed team- up between Doctor Octopus and Peter Parker that sheds new light on their violent relationship.


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