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Quote1 Oh. Sir, you wound me. We are not a gang. We are so much more. We're a family. An empire! A pantheon! And I? I am your daddy, your God... I Am the Goblin King! Quote2
Goblin King

Appearing in "Independence Day"

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Synopsis for "Independence Day"

Otto muses that a new age has begun now that he finally got rid of the presence of Peter Parker in his head, establishing himself as the Spider-Man he claims he is meant to be. Through his Spider-bots, Otto discovers that a new White Dragon and his thugs are battling against The Owl's gang in the middle of the streets. As Spider-Man, he pummels both gangs, and then takes down their leaders with his now-characteristic brutality. Thugs from both sides manage to escape and then they are unexpectedly rescued by men who bear the Green Goblin insignia.

After his patrol, Otto returns to ESU where he bumps into Mary Jane, but he shrugs her off and heads to his exam. MJ looks stunned as to why "Peter" suddenly left her like that.

Meanwhile, Police Captain Yuriko Watanabe returns to the precinct to question the police officers who were present the day Spider-Man killed Massacre but all of them defend Spider-Man's position, then it's revealed that Carlie Cooper was watching the questioning from behind and explains to her that she performed the autopsy of Massacre, revealing that he was harmed enough to prevent him from using a gun and the shot was point blank, confirming her suspicions about how changed Spider-Man is, but she still needs further proof.

Inside the Goblin's Lair, the Green Goblin manages to hack the Spider-Bots tech, explaining his plan to his recruited urchins (who formerly worked for the Vulture).

Otto completes his exam and passes it arrogantly to his teacher in a triumphant move, and later sets up a date with his mentor, Anna Maria.

MJ worries about how "Peter" is acting after not having seen him for a long time, sensing that there was a spark of his old self (a reference to the ghostly presence Peter had inside Otto) but now she sees nothing, not realizing that Goblin's Urchins were sent to survey MJ's nightclub to test the hacked Spider-Bot. Once they see they now can bypass his detection, they decide to strike the club in revenge for their failed attempt.

During his dinner with Peter's family, Otto reveals that his progress at work, almost completing his doctorate, but then Aunt May asks "Peter" to stay away from Spider-Man due to his now ruthless attitude, which also sparks an argument between Jonah Sr. and Jr. Otto leaves for his date with Anna, where, during their conversation, she accidentally trips, causing Otto to catch the dry ice that almost fell over her. Thankful for saving her, Anna embraces and kisses Otto, but he's later warned by his Patrol App.

Meanwhile, MJ's nightclub lines were cut, allowing the Goblin Urchins to strike the place, setting it on fire. With all exits sealed, the fire consumes the nightclub, while MJ believes that Peter will arrive to save her as he always has done, only to be rescued by a firefighter who resembles Peter and casually goes by the name of "Pedro".

After another patrol taking down street thugs, Otto leaves, musing that now everything is under his control and everything else is beneath him, while underground, the now self-proclaimed Goblin King builds his growing army.

Solicit Synopsis


• A perfect jumping on point as The Green Goblin returns…and Spider-Man is nowhere to be found!

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