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Quote1.png Write your stories, fools. Mark this day well. For today, I cast off the last of the chains Peter Parker saddled me with...and begin to craft my own legacy. I am no more bound by Parker's life than I am by my own former existence. I shall create something entirely new. Something wonderful. This shall be my legacy. A Brand New Day...No, A Brand New Age. The Age of the Superior Spider-Man... The Greatest Hero of them All. And Nothing will stand in my way. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Otto Octavius/"Peter Parker")

Appearing in "No Escape, Part Three: The Slayers and the Slain"

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  • Arachnaughts (First appearance) (Cameo) (Unnamed) (Being built)

Synopsis for "No Escape, Part Three: The Slayers and the Slain"

The story starts with Otto reflecting on how he once was told that his legacy was over (when Spider-Man taunted him after his scheme to burn the Earth failed) but now that he has a new life, he won't let anyone dictate how he'll establish his legacy.

After Spider-Man proclaims his intention to slay the Spider-Slayer, Smythe attempts to bargain only to end up ready for a battle to the death. Meanwhile, the Vulture has reached the group of civilians inside the Spider-Bots' Force Field, attacking its weak point to destabilize it, making the civilians to try to buy some time to delay the Vulture, appealing to his family and offering him leniency to be free. On another point of the Raft, Jameson is assaulted by Scorpion, who's more than willing to kill him, only to be stopped by Lizard, who reveals that he carries the consciousness of Curt Connors.

The battle between Spider-Man and the Spider Slayer escalates, making Smythe surrender, but once he negotiates his surrender, Otto replies that he sticks to his initial offer, taking one of Smythe's own blade to impale him, effectively killing him, making all of the enhancements given to Boomerang (who survived the explosion of his bomb-arangs), Scorpion and Vulture go off. The Civilians regroup with Jameson, Lizard and Spider-Man, who announces Smythe's death and that they're all free now.

Once outside, the group rejoices of their freedom, only to bump into Smythe who had one last trick up his sleeve: his Mini-Slayers are keeping him alive, moving his body and his consciousness for his final seconds, prepared to make his final move: Transfer his mind into Spider-Man's body. They both fight, with Smythe wounding Lizard (who was cuffed by Shipley for safety) and kills Shipley, but once Smythe makes his move, Otto replies that just like all his escape attempts, he was ready. Shocked at another failure, Smythe wonders why this failed, and Otto, now at a safe distance from the rest, reveals to him that he already pulled that trick revealing his identity as Otto Octavius to him, who in his shock finally dies, while Otto taunts him that he failed in his final battle and it wasn't against his real enemy.

Once aboard the rescue boat, Jameson prepares himself for a press conference, musing that he'll be happy once the Raft is destroyed, but Otto sways him apart and tells him that he should give him the Raft for his new base of operations. Jameson refuses only to be blackmailed by Otto with a recording of their meeting at the Raft where Jameson grants permission to Spider-Man to kill Smythe. Fearing the repercussions (and in the process reigniting his hatred towards Spider-Man), Jameson agrees and makes the announcement in his press conference where he publicly gives Spider-Man the Raft as his new Super Hero Headquarters, which Otto rechristens it as "Spider-Island Two".

Once installed, Spider-Man begins to request for henchmen, while preparing new mechanisms for his new HQ, reflecting about how this will become his new legacy and nothing will stand in his way.

Solicit Synopsis

Part Three of "No Escape"! • Superior Spider-Man teams up with the Lizard! • Mayor Jameson demands that Spider-Man KILL the Spider-Slayer!


  • Otto came up with the idea of a new costume when he ordered the uniforms for his minions, yet moments later it was shown that he's been working on a new costume on his laptop.

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