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Quote1 Gather round, my subjects. We have wonderful news. As Wilson Fisk's former minions join our ranks, and we gobble up his infrastructure... we've passed the tipping point. 52% of all organized crime in this town is under our control. And for that, we owe a very special thanks to the Spider-Man. For cutting off the heads and leaving us the bodies. As of right now, your Goblin King is now the Goblin Kingpin of Crime! Hee Hee! Without even lifting a finger... I'VE ALREADY WON! NEW YORK IS MINE! Quote2
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Synopsis for "A Blind Eye"

The story starts with Jaime Maldonado, one of the many Hell's Kitchen's residents who worries about how nobody does anything to stop the Kingpin and shut down his headquarters known as Shadowland, when suddenly a quake shakes down the place. Meanwhile, the Kingpin reveals that thanks to Spider-Man's ruthless methods, most of the crime families were taken down, leaving a vacuum he intends to fill, but then, Shadowland is suddenly assaulted with a voice warning him that his end has come. The Kingpin recognizes the voice as Spider-Man's but he's shocked to discover that he's on board of a giant Spider-Mech (which he dubs "Arach-Naughts"), leading an army of other mechs, set to bring down Shadowland.

Otto, who is wearing a new costume, commands his new henchmen (called "Spider-lings" who form the Spider-Patrol 7) to attack the Hand ninjas, while he takes care of Kingpin ad Hobgoblin, who attempt to escape. The rest of the Spider-lings assist the civilians to clear the area until the work is done. During the battle, Spider-Man is called by Mayor J. Jonah Jameson who argues about why he's assaulting Shadowland, to which Otto replies that it was about time someone did it, and then "asks" Jonah to express his support or he will reveal their conversation from the Raft, while he also knows that Kingpin is tampering with his communications line, hoping he heard his intentions of taking him down for good.

Kingpin acknowledges that he's not the same Spider-Man he once fought, and then takes Hobgoblin with him to a secret room, where he introduces Smedley Kornfeld, a man Kingpin hired as a döppelgänger to use as a decoy for events like this. Kingpin snaps his neck and takes his escape, leaving Hobgoblin to fend for himself. Hobgoblin escapes, but he's detected by a Spider-Bot, but to his surprise, the Spider-Bot engages the Goblin Protocol and ignores him.

After the assault, Spider-Man is surrounded by the citizens who thank him for his work, and then he reveals to the media that his work was approved by Mayor Jameson, who is extremely angry by Spider-Man's manipulations. The citizens are relieved that Shadowland is gone and with it, the Kingpin's grasp on the people, but a new thug appears making deals in the alleys, carrying the Goblin insignia tattooed in his arm. One of the Spider-bots detects him and again, engages the Goblin Protocol and passes by.

Afterwards, a group of Hand ninjas arrive to the sewers, to be recruited into the Goblin King's new group, who are rejoiced by the news that, thanks to Spider-Man's assault, he now owns over the half of New York's organized crime, claiming that he now owns New York City.

Solicit Synopsis

• It’s SUPERIOR SPIDER-MONTH as the biggest new book of the year brings you its biggest twist yet!

• The Superior Spider-Man takes down Shadowland.

• All of it. To the ground.



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