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Quote1.png Hmm. Soldiers of fortune, vehicles, and scientific equipment purchased and shipped to Spider-Island... straight from the secret bank account of... Otto Gunther Octavius. Gotcha. Quote2.png
Carlie Cooper

Appearing in "Necessary Evil - Part 3: Event Horizon"

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  • Antoine Morant (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Necessary Evil - Part 3: Event Horizon"

The story starts in the island of Grand Tauró, where the Wraith and Carlie Cooper chase Antoine Morant, a banker of notorious criminals, searching for information about Spider-Man's secret bank account. Meanwhile, back in New York, the Horizon Labs team discuss the upcoming Temporal Event, arguing that Spider-Man knocked out Spidey 2099, the only one who could fix the problem, while Grady Scraps explains that he used the Time Gate to discover Tiberuis Stone's attempts of sabotage including the Alpha Incident, recalibrating the Time Gate and sabotaging Sajani's Reverbium, causing a tampering of the Fabric of Time and Space. Spider-Man orders the Horizon Team to prepare some reverbium and recalibrate the Time Gate to fix the problem, while confronting Tiberius for his actions, forcing him to build a counterdevice. However, Max Modell adds that they still need Peter Parker, since he's the only one who knows the equation to cancel the Reverbium's vibrations (which is how Peter earned his job at Horizon in the first place).

Otto tries to access his memories, but bumps into a major failure since he only can get the answer with Peter's memories he already had deleted. Max takes Otto out of his lapse, realizing that he spent eight minutes trying to figure out the answer, while the rest of the team and Tiberius pulled together a device to counteract the effects. Spider-Man still tries to figure out the equation, while the rest of the crew evacuates, all but Tiberius who is caught by Spidey 2099 and forced into staying with him until the explosion, with Spidey 2099 planning to rewrite the future without Alchemax or the Stones (implying that he will also die in the process). Tyler Stone calls to demand Spidey 2099 stop, while the effects of the timeline are altering everything.

Otto finally discovers the answer of the equation, but starts to have self-doubts, since it's now too late to prevent the explosion. To make matters "worse", it is shown to the reader (not anyone else, due to it being in Otto's brain) that Peter, due to Otto attempting to access Peter's memories, is able to break back out of the rubble that apparently killed him months earlier. Meanwhile, Mayor J. Jonah Jameson arrived to aid in the evacuation while confronting Modell and the Horizon Labs crew and Spidey 2099 and Tiberius escape in the nick of time before Horizon Labs explodes, but it ends up becoming a controlled implosion thanks to the equation. The time event ends and both Tyler Stone and Spidey 2099 are safe, but Tyler decides to destroy the time machine, leaving Spidey 2099 stranded in the past and knowing he won't hurt Tiberius without risking all of his life there while Tiberius is free since all of the evidence is now destroyed in Horizon.

Afterwards, Tiberius and Liz Allen celebrate the birth of a new mega-corp, after merging her company, Allan Chemical, with her son's stocks at Oscorp and Tiberius' remaining properties from Horizon into Alchemax, but they are interrupted by a young man called Michael O'Mara, who is now hired as Tiberius' assistant. Unbeknownst to them, Michael is actually Miguel O'Hara, planning to stay close to Tiberius until he gets the chance to bring down Alchemax.

Back in New York, Mayor Jameson tells Modell that if he agrees to no longer rebuild Horizon Labs in the city, he'll pull his contacts in Washington to shake the federals off his shoulders, doing it in the memory of his late wife who considered Modell a close friend. After Jameson leaves, Modell and Grady manage to find a life sign in the middle of the remaining chronotron energy, bringing Spider-Man back to the present, however, once he's back, Modell tells him that for the sake of everyone, they both should stay away from each other, and that goes for Peter as well. Once Otto returns home, he receives a string of voice messages from Aunt May, Anna Maria, and mostly, from Mary Jane. Otto angrily calls MJ, who replies that she's fed up with "Peter's" attitude and it's time for her to move on, bidding farewell to him.

The Horizon team prepares to depart from New York City to continue their work, since the Zephyr boat is actually the personal property of Modell's. Uatu and Sajani stay behind (Uatu due to his family's request and Sajani because she lost Modell's trust after the reveal that she kept the dangerous Reverbium), but once they depart, Sajani receives a phone call from "Peter" who proposes a job opportunity for her.

Back in Grand Tauró, Carlie and the Wraith catch up with Morant, who's shredding some documents out of fear. Carlie catches the document, discovering that it is actually all of the equipment and technology for Spider-Man's Arachnaughts and the order for his Spider-lings, all coming from the secret account of Otto Octavius, putting Carlie one step closer to the evidence she needs to unveil the secret of Spider-Man once and for all.

Solicit Synopsis

• The moment that changes the world of Spider-Man--and the Marvel Universe for years to come.

• Which Spider-Man is responsible for such a thing? Spider-Man 2099 or the Superior Spider-Man?

• Major developments for both Spider-Man’s cast... and for the future.


  • What happened to Otto during the nine hours between the deconstruction of Horizon Labs and when Grady brought him back was explained in Superior Spider-Man #32-33.[1]

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