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Venom (Otto Octavius/"Peter Parker")

Appearing in ""Darkest Hours Part Two: Complications""

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Synopsis for ""Darkest Hours Part Two: Complications""

After being taken down by Spider-Man, Flash decides to surrender, although his plan is to distract him long enough to make his escape, taking advantage that Otto is pondering that he's waiting for the slightest excuse to execute Venom right there. The symbiote manages to reach a canister of gas grenades, launching them right at the group of Spidey and his Spiderlings, allowing him to counter-attack. However, Otto's anger leads him to attack in a place full of explosives, giving Venom the opening to escape and camouflage amongst the crowd. Spider-Man argues with Chief Pratchett about questioning all of his officers in order to find Venom, but then is interrupted by Anna Maria who talks to "Peter" for their upcoming brunch with his family.

At the Goblin Underground, the Goblin King tries to interrogate Carlie Cooper about her journal with all the evidence of Otto being in Spider-Man's body, but he demands to know why she left out Spider-Man's true identity. He tries to take it out of her but she refuses to reply, prompting Menace to take over the interrogatory while the Goblin King takes off to impersonate Hobgoblin once again.

Flash and the symbiote finally reach a place to rest for a while, taking some medication to relieve the symbiote's pain and disguising once again to keep the cover but back in a wheelchair so the symbiote can rest. Passing by the hospital, he overhears the re-opening of Mary Jane's nightclub "MJ's" now free for police officers, firefighters and first responders. Flash remembers that he still has his friends in the city but avoiding to meet MJ at her nightclub being full of policemen and him being a wanted fugitive, he decides to head to Peter's home.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane celebrates the re-opening of her nightclub, but then she's intercepted by Detective Watanabe, who questions her about Carlie's disappearance, since the last phone message she left was at her cell phone. They both head to her office to listen to her message. Yuriko asks for any connection between them, but MJ replies that they only dated him but that's over, trying to deny anything else (avoiding to reveal that Peter is Spider-Man). Yuriko asks MJ to keep their meeting a secret and indeed stay away from "Peter".

"Peter" and Anna Maria clean up his apartment, until they suddenly get the visit of Flash who asks if he can stay for a while. "Peter" accepts, seeing this as an opportunity to take down the symbiote. Meanwhile, Aunt May's medical procedure is complete and Dr. Wirtham gives the good news about her leg now fully healed. At the Alchemax Headquarters, Major Jameson requests to Liz Allan to replace the Anti-Spider Patrol units with city sanctioned Spider-Slayers, now that he has access to the schematics from their creators, Spencer and Allistair Smythe. Liz agrees and calls in her best workers to do the job, Tiberius Stone and his assistant, Michael O'Mara (who is Spider-Man 2099).

Later, "Peter's" family and Flash are gathered for their brunch, but tension arises with May being curious about Anna Maria's condition, prompting "Peter" to get upset. Flash tries to leave, but "Peter" demands he stays, only to reveal that after the success of Aunt May's surgery, he's ready to step up into full artificial limbs and wants Flash to be his first subject.

After some convincing, Flash is set up for the treatment, but Dr. Wirtham worries about some last minute add-ups into the procedure. "Peter" tries to calm Flash and leaves with the excuse of calling in a specialist, but in reality, he just changed into Spider-Man who reveals that the add-ups were just a sonic blaster in order to take out the symbiote and contain it. Flash tries to talk to Spider-Man, while shocked that he now stands thanks to his new leg implants, but reveals that the symbiote got a lot stronger than the last time he met it, proven right when the symbiote breaks the containment cell he was trapped in. In his fear, the symbiote jumps into the groups but ends up bonding with Spider-Man, now becoming the Superior Venom.

Solicit Synopsis

DARKEST HOURS Part 2 of 4: “Complications”

• As Otto Octavius takes another big step in his life as Peter Parker... could a big part of Flash Thompson’s life be coming to a close? Will he be... VENOM NO MORE?!

• More with MJ! More with Carlie! More with the Green Goblin! And, after half a century, one of the most cringe-worthy moments in ALL of Spidey-history! You do NOT want to miss this one!

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