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Quote1.png I see everything in this city! Everything! That is my power! And my responsibility -- to watch over and judge you all! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Emotional Triggers"

While watching the news reports of the "Burger Town Massacre", Phizzy Cola's manager Miranda Pullman avoids a call from the Daily Bugle and tries to fix the corporate image of Phizzy Cola. Suddenly Massacre appears to her and proposes that in order to fix her corporate image, he'll continue his killing spree while wearing her rival's logo, something to which she reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Otto and Uatu program the face mapping program into the Spider-Bots Patrol App to interconnect his HUD with them and keep track on Massacre. Uatu worries that it's too much power for one man, but Otto replies that this is part of a "Friendly Neighborhood Watch", while Peter believes that Otto will destroy his reputation and leave him nothing to recover once he gets his body back.

Once the task is complete, Otto leaves to the apartment of Anna Maria Marconi, a little woman who is becoming Otto's tutor for his physics class. Otto impresses Anna with his knowledge and after he leaves, his Patrol App alerts him of Massacre who appeared at the Grand Central Station so Otto calls Chief Pratchett to send back-up there and keep him distracted while he arrives, something Peter thinks is clever.

Before Otto decides to confront Massacre, he searches for radio waves to signal Massacre's bomb detonators, knowing from Peter's memories that Massacre takes hostages and ties them to explosives as backup for his plans. Otto finds them in a bottling plant, belonging to Miranda's rival, which he takes note of, and proceeds to save them, reflecting on how before he tried to murder them all and now he's saving lives.

The NYPD confronts Massacre who starts another slaughter, revealing that the station's doors are also rigged with explosives, worrying the officers and even Mayor Jameson. Otto enters the station through the upper windows and attacks Massacre, revealing his position while saving a kid. Otto takes down Massacre who tries to activate his bombs, but Otto reveals that he already took care of that, takes Massacre's gun and shoots him in the shoulder, shocking Peter. Otto reflects on how he's taken so many lives over the years and considers firearms as below him, but believes that the finality to use it is proper, while Peter tries to convince Otto to stop him.

Otto menacingly confronts Massacre while pointing his gun at his head, asking him if he should kill him or spare him, causing Massacre to cry, making him feel emotions once again. Peter tries to tell Otto that he can still be saved since there's still hope, but Otto replies that it doesn't matter since he's still a mass murderer on the inside so there's only one solution. Afterwards, Otto pulls the trigger to Massacre's gun to kill him.

The news reports on the Grand Central Station shooting and Miranda watches as there was no mention of her competition, but people are no longer mentioning the previous shooting, making her believe that her end of the deal is over. However, she's suddenly surrounded by Otto's Spiderbots while he's confronting her through her television screens that she was paying Massacre instead of reporting him to the authorities and threatens her to report herself or confront him, assuring that it's his Power and Responsibility to watch over the city and judge everyone.

Solicit Synopsis

“Death Sentence”

• How many have to die before the Superior Spider-Man will kill a super villain?

• Spider-Man versus Massacre-- with hundreds of lives in the balance.


  • Editions:
    - Regular edition with cover by Camuncoli, Dell and Delgado
    - Variant cover by Bagley and Farmer

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