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Superior Spider-Man Vol 2 1
Superior Spider-Man Vol 2 1 TextlessTextless
Superior Spider-Man Vol 2 1 Fantastic Four Villains Wraparound VariantFantastic Four Villains Wraparound Variant
Superior Spider-Man Vol 2 1 Lupacchino Variant TextlessLupacchino Variant Textless

Superior Spider-Man Vol 2 1 Second Printing VariantSecond Printing Variant
Superior Spider-Man Vol 2 1 Young VariantYoung Variant
Superior Spider-Man Vol 2 1 Young Variant TextlessYoung Variant Textless

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Quote1 Otto Octavius. It is you isn't it. I knew you seemed familiar. Quote2
-- Anna Maria Marconi

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Otto Octavius leaves the moniker of Doctor Octopus behind and once again becomes THE SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN! If you think you’ve already read the most intense and surprisingly heartbreaking Superior Spider-Man story, prepare to be wrong. Otto is going to prove to the world that he’s the most effective and (to him at least) the best super hero in the world. But when a villain that overpowers him by so much shows up in San Francisco, there’s no way Ock can win, right? Can you see Otto smirking from where you’re reading this?

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