Quote1.png You can call me Ghost Rider, witch! Are you going to stand there gaping... or will you use your magicks to save the chattel? Quote2.png
-- Ghost Rider

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Other Characters:




Synopsis for 1st story

While trying to bring their mother back from the dead, two small boys create a Chaos! event that rids the world of all non-magic powered superhumans in it. 13 years later, the same circumstances leading up to that event are evident again. An attack on Dr. Strange's home leads Brother Voodoo to assemble 5 others in hopes of stopping the event.


  • The Supernaturals is a four-issue limited series using Marvel Comics characters but created by Chaos! Comics creators.
  • Includes a fold-out gatefold cover and one of five random cardstock centerfold characters masks.


The Chaos! Event is named after Chaos! Comics, whose founder developed this series.

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