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The Supersoul Stone is a street magic artifact that houses an unknown force which possess the necklace's wearer, though its presence consequently drives weak-minded owners insane.[1]


After being released from Ryker's Island, Jennie Royce asked her old friends, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, for help, telling them that her ex Crime-Buster owed a lot of people money, that a necklace which belonged to her grandmother had been taken, and that she'd like their help in recovering it from the current owner, Tombstone.

Luke and Danny then went to Manhattan to see the Tombstone in Harlem and requested that he return Jennie's grandmother's necklace, but the mobster refused, claiming that he had won the necklace in a card game with The Hood, not from any debt collection. Feeling disrespected by the accusations of his being a thief, as well as the very presence of Iron Fist, things rapidly took a turn for the worse, forcing Luke and Danny to fight their way past numerous gangsters as they stole the necklace and fled.

The duo returned to the South Bronx where Jennie was staying at the Sisters of Mercy House, a home for female parolees. Jennie explained that she knew her partner didn't believe she'd be able to convince Luke and Danny to help them acquire the Supersoul Stone, but a bit of tears was all it took and she couldn't believe that Danny considered her family after letting her rot in prison for years. She then handed the necklace to Black Mariah who gleefully declared the artifact a first step towards their taking over of Tombstone's soon-to-be-crumbling criminal empire.[2]

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