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Azania, Africa
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The Supermacists are a team of six superhuman or otherwise costumed individuals acting on behalf of the national interests of the apartheid nation of Azania. When the white African nation of Azania began suppressing its black majority and the state turned to torture for many of the black protesters, T'Challa, the ruler of the neighboring kingdom of Wakanda and hero known as the Black Panther, chose to use economic and social pressure to show his disfavor with the Azanians.

The mystical panther spirit, guardian deity of T'Challa, disagreed with such "civil" tactics, divorcing itself from T'Challa and murdering the crueler members of the Azania regime. The Azanians blamed the Black Panther. Despite T'Challa's assurances to the contrary, the Azanians decided to act against the man they believed to be a terrorist. They called forth the Supermacists to take revenge. After causing massive property damage to Wakanda's capital and injuring hundreds of her citizens, the Supremacists were defeated by the Black Panther and remanded to Wakanda custody.[1]


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