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The past history of the Supremor of Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. However, on Earth-9997 Supremor made a pact with Death, Mephisto and Thanos that allowed him to collect the minds and souls of not just the greatest Kree minds, but every Kree mind. Mar-Vell managed to escape that fate due to his connection to the Cosmic Consciousness. At some point in history, Supremor was relocated to a secret hiding place on the Moon.[1]

In recent years, Supremor would be found and removed from his hiding place by X-51 who wished to ask Supremor for more information regarding the nature of alternate realities.[2] When Mar-Vell and his followers came to the Moon seeking the Ultimate Nullifier from Uatu, Mar-Vell would also confront Supremor. When Supremor reveled to Mar-Vell the truth as to why there were no other Kree in the Realm of the Dead, Mar-Vell would kill Supremor by striking his containment unit with Thor's hammer. This would cause all the souls of every dead Kree to appear in the Realm of the Dead, and swell the ranks of Mar-Vell's army.[3]



Seemingly those of Supreme Intelligence of Earth-616.

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