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Quote1.png I couldn't think of any other way to tell you. I don't have to stay. They can't keep me in. But I'll stay for you. And I'll stay for Mom. Because you want me to. Because you say you love me. And I love you just as much as you love me. Quote2.png
Mark Milton

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Synopsis for "Contact"

In the 1970's, a small spacecraft crash lands in a field where a childless and estranged farming couple investigate the crash and find a human-looking baby boy inside it. The wife sees this as a sign from God, and decides to take the baby to their home. As they drive away, government helicopters arrive. As the wife looks over the baby, the husband hears a knock on their door and finds black ops soldiers on his front porch.

The baby is taken by the United States government and his handlers discover he has powers such as invulnerability and super strength. They consult President Jimmy Carter and inform him that they don't know about the baby's origins or if there are more like him, and the only option is to raise the baby to be a loyal pawn to their nation. The President gives his consent and the boy is considered a ward of the state. The baby, codenamed "Hyperion" under the top-secret "Project Hyperion" and is given the civilian name Mark Milton, is raised in a tightly controlled, isolated environment and exposed to frequent propaganda by government agents who pose as his parents to provide companionship. At the age of five, Mark is given a puppy for his birthday. As he attempts to play with the puppy it barks which frightens Mark and inadvertently causing him to manifest his "flash vision," unintentionally incinerating the dog. This incident causes his "parents" to become deeply afraid of Mark, which continues to be the case as he grows up.

In the 1990's, President George Bush is led by Dr. Bill Steadman, the lead scientist overseeing Project Hyperion, to Mark's spacecraft of which he and his colleagues have not made any success divining its technology for years. The sole exception being is their discovery that the ship is organic and that it was grown instead of having been built. Additionally they found the vessel's power source to be a crystal which seemed to respond to the thoughts of whoever was touching it. Dr. Steadman then shows the President a video recording that partly reveals Mark's origins retrieved from the vessel which depicts a large spaceship under attack. It is seen that the ship suffered heavy damage and Mark was deposited into the escape pod, the same craft that brought him to Earth, by what presumably are his parents moments before the ship was destroyed. President Bush becomes curious about the recording and points out two problems: one being that the recordings were taken from outside of Mark's pod and thus likely later transmitted into his pod, which being the case, poses the question, "who took them?" Second, they know Mark's ship is being attacked but exactly who was the aggressor? The large ship or the smaller ships attacking it? If Mark's ship was the aggressor, then what does that make of Mark - an "adopted son" or a "fifth columnist?"

Meanwhile, Mark has grown to a prepubescent boy and has further developed his powers to include highly acute vision. He is approach by his foster father and tells him that he can see the guards and fences surrounding his home, as well other people going about their daily lives. Mark's father, who has had similar conversations with him in the past, warns Mark that due to his powers he cannot go outside until he is an adult to ensure that no one gets hurt. This led to a silent moment between them before Mark asks his father if he loves him and his mother. His father answers that he loves them both, and asks why he said this. Mark then floats above his surprised father and answers that he can leave at anytime and that the guards cannot keep him in, and that if his father and his mother love him and love each other it gives reason for him to stay as they, being his parents, want him to as he loves them in return.

At the White House, Dr. Steadman expresses the desirable news of Mark's status to Bush and that the project is going well as planned. However, the President is extremely doubtful about this and ponders unforeseen consequences to this event.

Somewhere in the deep south, a Mrs. Abigail Stewart shares her appreciation of a babysitter she hired to look after her son, Stanley. The two talk about Stanley and during the conversation she details that, since his birth, he had suffered an unknown and near-fatal illness before recently recovering, as well as the fact that he now seems to run somewhat faster and has been keeping to himself. Abigail shrugs off the latter as merely a phase under the notion that her son is growing up. Outside, Stanley is seen playing with his dog which he then races, demonstrating that Stanley has super-speed capable of breaking the sound barrier.

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