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Quote1.png You didn't see his eyes. I did, up close. It was like... like they were looking in from somewhere else. Someplace... sad. Alone. At one point, I asked him, "How do you fly?" He said, "I don't know. Even the scientists haven't figured it out. How do you walk?" I said, "I stand, and step forward on the ground." He said, "I stand, and step upward onto the air." And it was like there was this huge gulf between us, and there was no way I was ever going to completely understand him... and no way he would ever completely understand me. Us. Quote2.png
Jason Scott

Appearing in "Coming Out"

Supporting Characters:

  • George H. W. Bush
  • Bill Clinton (First appearance)


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Coming Out"

Mark Milton is brought before President George H. W. Bush. The President acknowledge Mark as a very remarkable man and ask him if he would do a great service to their country. Mark then accepts which Bush informs him of Operation Desert Storm and according to intelligence the Iraqi army may have more resources than they expected. He wants this operation to be a quick and clean American victory, which means Mark is assign to destroy those resources before they can be used against the U.S. and their Coalition allies that are sent to liberate Kuwait. But only for Mark to move in and out fast, without being seen and ensuring his existence remains a secret. As a result, Mark's actions led to Iraq's quick surrender and their eliminated forces being at the fault of Cruise and Tomahawk Missiles launched by Coalition forces.

Some time after Desert Storm, accomplished reporter Jason Scott of the Washington Herald has been suspicious of Iraq's easy defeat and the number of American victories in other conflicts in which no one has taken any credit. He also doesn't buy into the answers of opposition forces being annihilated by tactical missiles. Despite his editor's persistence to drop his case, Scott is determine to reveal this story. He interviews several people who are unreliable to his research, but only to learn from few people having scant knowledge of Project Hyperion, and including the woman - Ms. Cavenaugh - who first discovered Mark. Scott later writes a series of letters to the CIA in requesting information about Project Hyperion. Finally, Scott receives a heavily censored document about Hyperion and is arrange into a meeting with an unnamed CIA agent. The agent will reveal what Scott needs to know and kept this discussion a serious secret between them. By morning Scott learns some of the truth surrounding Hyperion. He then travels to the home of Ms. Cavenaugh and request in continuing their previous discussion weeks ago.

Unknown to Scott, he being is monitored by the government in which it is reveal that he is one of many reporters who had been trying to uncover Hyperion as the secret has been difficult to contain, and Scott is closer in learning Hyperion. The handlers of Hyperion are divided on this issue on whether to continue hiding Hyperion's existence or risk the news coming out uncontrolled. Or giving the truth to Scott. This is then decided by now President Bill Clinton to approve the latter. Scott is awaken in the middle of the night and find himself personally met by Hyperion.

Eventually, Hyperion's existence is reveal to the public as a superhero and government operative. Although his origins is covered up which is made up to have Mark being the son of two American research scientists killed in a plane accident, and dubbed by President Clinton as being an American citizen.

A day after the news press that introduce Hyperion, Scott had question Hyperion as to where he come from, which Hyperion only answers that he doesn't know. At the Washington Herald, Scott discuss with his boss that ever since he met Hyperion, he saw in the superhero's eyes that he is isolated and lonely which means that there is still something wrong. Also he has been hearing reports of a being that has been moving very fast around Georgia which leads him to suspect that there is another superhuman being other than Hyperion.

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