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Appearing in "Supreme Power (Part II)"

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Synopsis for "Supreme Power (Part II)"

While the United Nations convenes over the recent assassination of the Syrian superhuman Malik Haspen, Dr. Spectrum has a nightmare where he finds himself in a dead city with himself locked away and wearing Hyperion's old uniform. The nightmare causes Joe to destroy part of the second floor of the building he's being kept in.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, Mark Milton (Hyperion), now calling himself Mason, wakes up in his cabin and decides to go for a walk. He has flashes of his former life as Hyperion and his betrayal of the US Government and Earth. He spots two photographers in the forest several miles away and heads to them. When he confronts them, one of them insults Mark. Mark uses his heat-vision and kills him. The other pleads for his life and Mark lets him go, but not before destroying his camera. He then has more flashes of when he first met Anna in Sweden.

General Alexander informs the President of Mark Milton's presence on Earth, and speculates that Mark may have never left in the first place since his return was never detected by any of their satellites. The President ask General Alexander to have Joe prepped and ready if Hyperion decide to finish what he started.

While Dr. Steadman studies Ledger, he is informed that Hyperion has returned. This causes Joe to once again lose control of his body to the crystal and he immediately kills Dr. Steadman, as well as his crew, and destroys the lab. He flies at top speed to Sweden and confronts Mark, who is currently fleeing with Anna because of his exposed whereabouts. In an alien voice, Joe informs Hyperion that he will take his rightful place as ruler. Hyperion then flees with Anna.

Elsewhere, a seemingly crazy man shouts about Judgement Day. He then kills everyone around him with little more than a thought. He then uses one of the deceased's severed limbs to write, in blood, "All Hail Hyperion" on the sidewalk.

Solicit Synopsis

When the alien hero Hyperion was last seen on Earth, the White House was destroyed, the President was killed, and Hyperion disappeared into the stars. Now Joe Ledger, the super-powered government agent Dr. Spectrum, is America’s foremost hero. But the source of Joe’s power starts driving him lethally out of control…and what happens to Dr. Spectrum – and to our world – when Hyperion comes back?!

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