Quote1.png You have ten seconds to turn around and fly away. Quote2.png
-- Hyperion

Appearing in "Supreme Power (Part III)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Ruiz

Other Characters:


  • Syria



Synopsis for "Supreme Power (Part III)"

Doctor Spectrum wakes up in the woods with visions of his killing of Dr. Bill Steadman. The crystal tells him to fly to Hyperion, but he tries his best to ignore it and walks his way out of the forest instead.

Meanwhile, General Alexander and his team devise a plan to once again try to bring Hyperion into their inner circle now that Ledger has also gone AWOL and is no longer under their control. They arrive just outside of Hyperion's cabin and he confronts them, telling them to turn away. Alexander pleads his case but is met by refusal from Mark. He informs Mark that if he found him, others will too.

In Syria, the man responsible for the recent slaughterings, in Hyperion's name, known as Ruiz has been invited to meet with the leaders of the country to discuss a contract for him to work as their weapon. He refuses and slaughters everyone in the room.

Hyperion is visited by three super-powered individuals, as the General had warned him might happen, and he confronts them. Anna watches in horror as he slaughters them with little effort. In taking down the largest of the three, an explosion occurs which levels the surrounding area, including his cabin. Anna is slightly injured but tries to run away, since she is now afraid of Hyperion, but he catches up to her.

Ledger makes his way to a small town and enters a diner where he learns on the news that Hyperion has been spotted. This causes the crystal to react and the entire diner is destroyed in a flash of bright light. In one last effort to overcome the crystal's power, Joe picks up a sharp piece of debris and lobs off his hand, severing his connection to the crystal.

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