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-- Hyperion

Appearing in "Supreme Power (Part IV)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Ruiz (Death)

Other Characters:

  • Quake (Death)

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Supreme Power (Part IV)"

The superhuman Ruiz is continuing his slaughter in Hyperion's name in Paris. The French authorities dispatch their superhuman speedster, Quake, to stop Ruiz. Despite of Quake's speed, Ruiz effortlessly catches him and strangles him to death.

Hyperion's relationship with Anna bitterly ends as the latter is not only terrified of the man she used to love, but the world will never leave Hyperion alone and thus making Anna's life less safe.

Meanwhile, Joe Ledger wakes up in an infirmary and learns from General Alexander that they are in Quantico and Joe has been in a coma for several months after the General's recovery team found him. General Alexander shows that he is not disappointed in Joe for amputating his hand from the crystal because there is a implant inside Joe's brain stem that will kill him instantly as a last resort. Joe is devastated to learn that the explosion he had caused killed sixty-seven people and along with thirty more at Fort McNair.

Moments later, Hyperion arrives at the base and he agrees to work with General Alexander. Hyperion is then told by the General about Ruiz's actions and is suit up into his uniform. He then flies off to Paris and captures Ruiz, who is stunned of his "savior" becoming a puppet for the US again. Hyperion kills Ruiz by suffocating him in outer space.

Following Ruiz's death, Hyperion returns to public heroics. General Alexander talks with the President about his plans to winning the public's trust into Hyperion. But the President decries the General's ideas and is very doubtful that Hyperion would redeem himself after what he had done with his predecessor and would be trustful of working with the American government again. Against General Alexander's warnings, the President ordered to have Joe grafted with the crystal and sent him to battle Hyperion.

Joe takes Hyperion to the arctic circle and telling him that there is no chance that he would be accepted back by everyone. Just as they clashed, the crystal seems to possess Hyperion. In the aftermath, Hyperion is captured. General Alexander resigned from his role as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Light years away from Earth, a fleet of alien ships are seen heading for Earth.

Solicit Synopsis

Dr. Spectrum vs. Hyperion! Will they save the world together…or destroy it?! The force of these heroes’ destinies bring them crashing together, as the chilling vision launched a decade ago by J. Michael Straczynski reaches its unbelievable climax!

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