Susan Banner is the sister of Elaine Banner and their brother Brian Banner. Together all three of them including their mother were physically and mentally abused by their violent and alcoholic father, Bruce Banner I.

For years they suffered at their father's rage and fury whenever he lashed out at them in one of his temper-tantrums and started drinking.

Soon after their father passed away, their mother soon followed, and eventually all three of moved on with their lives. Elaine went on to marry Morris Walters, and together they had a daughter named Jennifer becoming Susan's niece; while Susan herself married a man by the name of Drake, making her Susan Banner-Drake but later on their marriage crumbled and they had a divorce.

In the meantime Brian had distanced himself from his sisters and didn't want anything to do with lives or families, because he was still traumatized from their childhood with their Father. Eventually Brian married a woman named Rebecca, and eventually had a son who named after their father, Bruce, becoming Susan and Elaine's nephew. As the years went on, Brian went insane with fear and paranoia, he ended up abusing Bruce and Rebecca just like his Father abused their family Susan was distraught learning of what her brother had done, she tried to help him and persuade him but Brian denied and Susan was really upset that her own brother rejected her.

After a few years he finally went too far and killed Rebecca; after that he was placed in a mental institution for the next 15 years, while Bruce went to stay with his Aunt Susan, becoming a surrogate family to him from. Following this, she finally had it with her brother and stopped having any contact with him.

While Bruce was in high school, he was under the care of Susan, She had recently finalized the divorce from her husband Mr. Drake and preferred to be called Miss Banner once again. One day she was called to the hospital because Bruce had been beaten up at school.

Susan then went down to the school to speak with the principal who informed her that their officials were looking into who beat up Bruce, but no one was coming forward with information, leading to conflict between Susan and The Principle. The principal then asked Susan who the 'Hulk' is, and Susan explained to him that it wan imaginary friend that Bruce had created 10 years ago to combat the stress of what his father had done to him and his mother.

Susan leaves the principal's office angry and frustrated at the lack of help for her nephew; When she and Bruce made it back home she shockingly receives a letter from Bruce's father Brian Banner, that she crumbles up with out reading, not wanting to trouble Bruce any further and she had a mental breakdown and she had comfort from her nephew and they grew closer.

For the next couple of days Bruce stayed at home from school, complaining about not feeling well and Susan didn't push the issue and Susan decided to take care of him.

Then one rainy afternoon, Susan received a call from the police, saying that Bruce had run off back to the school and built a bomb and she freaked out. The local police issued Susan an ultimatum, for the both of them to leave town and never return, or they would press charges and arrest Bruce.

Susan felt there was no choice but to pack up their things from home and take Bruce with her, hoping to find a town where they can have a better start. But out of nowhere, Major Thaddeus Ross knocked on her front door and told her it was him who convinced the police to give her the ultimatum. As it turned out, Ross wants Bruce to work for him in weapon designing, Susan first didn't like the idea but she ended up agreeing to the deal hoping it would help Bruce. A few years after, Bruce became a high-class nuclear physicist with a PhD, and worked with Ross to make the Gamma Bomb. After that, Susan had a private life and no one had seen her since.

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